Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Does Working At Home Mean No Makeup?

Work-at-home moms have the luxury of working in their pajamas without wearing makeup whenever they want. However, working at home does not have to mean no makeup. For many moms working from home productivity is important. Productivity can only happen when you feel good about yourself, are focused and use your time wisely. I know this because I am a work-at-home mommy.

Granted I have two teens left at home and 3 older kids on their own, two of which gave me "Grandma" status. Yes, I am a proud parent and grandparent. Both my teens are homeschooled and I work as a freelance writer and I have just started my own business working as an affiliate and building websites. This does not mean I don't understand the plights of all work-from-home mothers. I have always been self-employed so I could spend good, quality time with my kids. I also understand the need to feel good and most days this means throwing on at least some blush, lipstick or gloss, eye shadow and mascara.

Feeling good about yourself does help make your day go better and ensures that positive attitude no matter what kind of work you do at home. Makeup is what makes me feel good whether I stay in my jammies or I change into a pair of jeans. I have a few favorite brands I use and I don't always spare expense when I find something I really like in makeup.

So, if you work at home and love makeup like I do, go ahead and put it on and make your day as bright and productive as possible.

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Mary said...

I wear my make up every day while working at home:) It makes me feel better and look better too...LOL!!!

Empowering Wahms said...

I love make up and wear it every day whether I'm working at home or running errands, etc. It makes me feel better and look better too...LOL!!

CeLesteCameo said...

It depends on how I feel when I get up, but i try to through at least a little on 3 or 4 days a week. I had to dress up and wear makeup so much when I was singing 5 nights a week, it's nice to give my face a break. LOL Thank you for the comments!