Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mommy Needs a Spa Day at Home

Moms work hard. We keep things at home together, tend to the kids, kiss boo-boos, nurture, nurse, cook, clean, carpool, taxi kids around, babysit and make sure the bills are paid. Married  moms also make sure dads are taken care of and that everyone is happy and healthy to the best of their ability. No matter how hard you work as a mom or what jobs you do for the family you need to take time for yourself. You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a spa day at home. All moms should have one at least once a month. Once a week is better but once a month is more feasible for us busy moms.

How can you create your own spa day? Here are some ideas for Mom's personal spa day at home.

1) Facial - Starting at the top you can give yourself a nice facial. You can make your own natural facial products using things from around the house like baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel, glycerin honey, castile soap and even plain yogurt. If you have the time to make your own products you can find a few recipes here:

Most of us don't have that kind of time so we look for all-natural products for our facial care. Here are some product favorites from leading online retailers.

2) Mani-Pedi - When your feet and hands feel good, so do you. Not everyone has the financial resources to go have this done once a week, or even once a month. An affordable way to take care of your feet and hands so they are soft and healthy looking is to find products you can use to do it yourself. Some examples include the following.

3) Bath/Shower - A nice warm bath with the right ingredients will help you to relax, detox, and relieve stress and tension. This is something everyone should do at least a couple of times a week. If you suffer with insomnia, a warm bath is a good way to calm your nerves and help you sleep. The following products will help you with a variety of healthy bathing or shower options.

These are things you can do at home when you have some alone time to relax, relieve stress, and feel like yourself again until your next personal spa day at home. The products are of high quality, with good ratings and reviews from users. I personally own and use some of these products and can vouch for their effectiveness. If you want something that covers almost everything for your spa day a spa basket like the Spicy Warm Vanilla Spa Bath Body Bamboo Gift Basket by Furniture Creations.

One final note: Always remember to put on some relaxing music to melt away your cares and worries.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My two great paying survey faves

If I were asked about taking surveys for extra money I would have several recommendations of really great legit survey sites for anyone to get started today. There are some things you need to know about surveys.

First you need to realize that just because taking surveys is easy and usually pretty quick it is serious business for the companies that have these surveys created. These companies only do this to get the general opinions of people who are serious about wanting to make a difference in product development and marketing.

1. You will not always qualify for every survey. You will often go through one to five pages before you find out you don't qualify for a survey. What does it mean when you don't qualify? It simply means you either don't meet the demographics for the survey or they already have enough responses from your demographic, 

2. You need to be patient. You cannot expect to start taking surveys today and see money in your account tomorrow. Most of these sites go by points that transfer into dollars/money once you reach a certain amount. This can range from $10 to $50 depending on the survey site. 

3. You need to be diligent and persistent. You need to set aside some time every single day to take surveys to be successful. If you fail to take this time you might miss out on a good survey or even product test where you get free stuff to try and then provide your opinion via a followup survey. Expect to spend a minimum of five minutes per survey at least. Most sites will between five and ten ready to take daily. You might qualify for one a day or you might qualify only for one a week. Again patience, diligence and persistence pays.

4. You are not going to make enough to quit your job. At most you will generate between $50 and $250 a month doing surveys. It's not enough to quit your job but it can help you pay a bill or two, save back some money for a vacation or use to buy something you want.

I am a member of more than 20 survey sites. I lost count long ago. I get overwhelmed some days due to the fact that I also have a freelance writing job that is my primary source of income. I do what I can when I can and I usually generate between $10 and $100 per month just dabbling with them all. I seldom take surveys every day even though I should. When I did I was able to almost double what I made on most of the sites. It's mostly fun, so why not make a little change for having fun and being part of this important process.

These are my two faves:

1) GlobalTestMarket - Pays $50 once you reach 1000 points. It can take me one month to three months depending on how many surveys I take and qualify for to get to 1000 points. They pay by check consistently when you request your earnings. I have been with them for over 10 years and they have never missed a beat for me. 

Take Surveys at GlobalTestMarket Sign up with GlobalTestMarket to receive cash for online surveys and help make a difference.

2) Ipsos Survey Panel - This one is another great paying survey site. I make between $25 and $50 every month or every other month with this site. Usually I cash out at $25. You might prefer to save up your points for six to twelve months and then cash out for much more. You get paid via Paypal or you can choose to cash out at $10 if you choose to take it in an Amazon gift card or you can give it to one of the charities affiliated with Ipsos. There are other options that vary now and then like using 250 points to enter a sweepstakes for $750 or more. It depends on how you want to get paid or how you want to spend your points. There are several different ways to spend points.

Join the Ipsos Survey Panel

Stay tuned for another post on more surveys and extraneous ways I make real money or get electronic gift certificates for doing tasks, taking surveys, reading emails and testing miscellaneous products. I may add more to this post this week so check back frequently if you want more about making a few extra bucks taking surveys.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Work At Home - Make Money Writing What You Know

It is said that an author should write what he or she knows. If you are a musician you write about music, a mom can write tips about being a mom and caring for the kids and home workers can share their knowledge and expertise. Everyone has a skill, knowledge or expertise in one or more areas that can help others.

If you love to share your knowledge and you want to write what you know then here are several venues where you can do just that. I am not affiliated with all these sites, but I do write or have an account with some of them so I do know they pay.

Examiner - You can read my article about How to follow your passion for green jobs or check out other articles and their about section for more information before you sign up to write for them.
Gather - This is a community that allows for social networking and writing about what you know for points that lead to getting paid.
Squidoo - You can write about just about whatever you want. You get paid through the traffic your lenses (that is what they call their articles) generate. You can find a lot of information about how to make money using this website. You can read one of my lenses here: How to Make Coffee Less Bitter.
Hubpages - That is my profile but you can sign up for your free account as well. One of my best traffic generating hubs: Retro Cool 1950s Advertising Art Prints and Ads.
Text Broker - This site hires you after you provide them with the appropriate credentials and information. You get paid according to what you accept and your level as a writer. You can find out more by visiting the site.
iWriter -You can get paid for writing specific content by people who need articles.

Most of them pay via paypal so you will need a paypal account.

These are some of the top sites that offer some form of pay for writing. You can also find out more about becoming an author by visiting the site or go to Triond to check out how they work. Some writing sites are harder to get accepted but the most reputable ones pay in a timely manner.

I am not affiliated with Rat Race Rebellion or Work at Home Mafia but I have found some great writing gigs from there. They both have a great listing of writing venues and other work at home information that is reliable, reputable and legitimate. I am more than happy to provide as much free information as I can about working from home and real jobs you can do from home.

Stay tuned for more updates on working at home, writing venues and other great ways to start making a little bit of money online. If I can do it, anyone can.

Monday, November 28, 2011

How Smarterer Are You?

So, you think you're smart when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Tumbler, LinkedIn and other online venues? You may be smart, but are you "Smarterer"? Smarterer is a testing site where you can take tests to find out just how smart you are and share your smartness with your social network friends. You can also make your own tests and test your friends, colleagues and coworkers.

It is fun and the owl just makes the site so cute. I tested over 700 which put me on the "Smarterer" tab on the site. I can't wait to go back and test my other skills on the front page after I log on to the site. The featured tests are the best ones to start with in my opinion. Okay, so I only currently rank in the top 200 for the BzzAgent test, but that score will change as I will get Smarterer as a BzzAgent as well as on other sites. If you want to find out if you can rank higher than me, go visit my profile at and sign up if you are feeling spunky.

Working at home does not mean you don't get to have fun. Smarterer could be just the break you need to keep you on track for work. The more tests you take, the smarterer you get!

Dressing for Work At Home? StyleFind Has Fashions

Hello again my fellow homebodies and/or work at home parents! I am a BzzAgent as you all probably already know and I love to share the things that I think make life easier for all of us. This includes fashion clothing and accessories.  That's right; just because I work at home does not mean I do not like to put on nice clothes sometimes. However, to be completely honest I do work in my jammies or at least comfy clothes most of the time.

No matter what I decide to wear I like to be able to comparison shop online. I used to spend hours comparing prices and values online through various websites, but now I use StyleFind. What is StyleFind? It is a website that InStyle magazine provides where you can easily shop for top name brands at top retailers. I personally have my favorite stores already, but as I use StyleFind I have discovered favorites can change.

I think StyleFind  offers the ideal shopping experience and makes things easier for me to choose the clothes, jewelry and accessories I love to wear.

All this being said, I do wear a lot of PJ's and comfy clothes and StyleFind makes them so easy to find the styles and sizes I want. From Juniors to Plus sizes and men's women's and children's fashions I use this site to compare, save and work at home in style!